What is CE-Rated Motorcycle Armor?

What is CE-Rated Motorcycle Armor?

Whether you’re out for a joy ride on your favorite open road or headed to an event, dressing for potential distress with layers that can protect you from serious injury during an accident or fall isn’t just a good idea, it’s a crucial factor in your safety. Wearing CE rated motorcycle armor is one of the best ways to ride safely, and prevent serious injury in a worst-case scenario event.

Here’s what you should know about motorcycle CE ratings and what they mean for your safety on the bike.

What is CE-Rated Motorcycle Armor?

Short for “Conformité Européene” (French for “European Conformity''), CE ratings are the mandatory motorcycle equipment safety standards required in Europe. While motorcycle CE ratings are not the official standard or even required in North America (unless competing on a race track), CE-rated motorcycle armor is a preferred option for riders across the country, given their stringent safety standards that surpass our own.

Let’s break down the basics of motorcycle CE ratings, including rating levels and the difference between CE-tested, certified, and approved products.

Motorcycle CE Ratings

There are two CE rating levels every rider should know about: level 1 and level 2. CE levels are determined by how much transmitted force the armor allows. For example, to earn a level 1 CE rating, the armor must have a maximum transmitted force of 18 kilonewtons (kN). To earn a level 2 CE rating, the armor must only allow a maximum transmitted force of 9 kN.

What is a CE-Certification For Motorcycle Gear?

If you’re browsing motorcycle armor and notice some of the products are CE certified, CE tested, or CE approved, you might be wondering what these classifications mean for you. Let’s break them down so you can shop in confidence:

CE-Tested Armor: CE-tested armor implies that the manufacturer tested the product in their own facility, reporting that it meets CE safety standards. Put another way, CE-tested armor means the product was not tested in a CE-certified testing facility and therefore isn’t a CE-certified option.

CE-Certified Armor: Unlike CE-tested armor, armor with a CE certification implies that a product sample was tested in a certified testing facility.

CE-Approved Armor: CE-approved armor implies that most, if not all, product parts were tested in a certified testing facility and earned CE accreditation by meeting or surpassing all required safety standards.

Ride in Safety & Style with NBT CE-Approved Motorcycle Clothing

At NBT, we understand that accidents can happen on the turn of a dime, and you’ve got to be prepared. We also know that finding protective layers that look and feel great hasn’t always been easy. That’s why we’ve bridged the gap with stylish, comfortable, aramid reinforced and CE-approved motorcycle clothing built for the journey and the destination. Shop NBT performance motorcycle apparel today to find the modern looks you love without sacrificing safety or comfort.
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