5 Benefits of Aramid Reinforced Jackets

5 Benefits of Aramid Reinforced Jackets

With the open road under your toes and the whole world at your fingertips, riding a motorcycle can be equal parts exhilarating and worrisome at the same time. On one hand, riding a motorcycle gives you the unique ability to experience traveling and the outdoors very differently than if you were driving along the road in an enclosed vehicle. On the other hand, you are not safely tucked inside an enclosed vehicle. 

Think about it… you have the wind in your hair, the sun shining in your face, and nature is so close you can reach out and touch it at any moment in time. While all of this may sound like the perfect scenario, it also means that you are not comforted or protected by the walls of a car, SUV, truck, bus, etc. while you are on the road, which makes it that much more important for you to be concerned about your safety. 

This is why aramid reinforced clothing plays a large and critical role in keeping motorcyclists safe from their surrounding environment while out riding their bikes. The word “aramid” refers to a group of synthetic fibers that are strong enough to protect against things like heat and blunt force impact, which is a scary possibility while riding a motorcycle, and something to always keep in the back of your mind so you stay alert and aware of your surroundings. With motorcyclists being five times more likely to get into an accident on the road than drivers in an enclosed vehicle, we think it’s pretty crucial to have the right gear to keep you safe should an accident occur.

There are several different brands that use this kind of fiber in their products; aramid is the generic term used to encompass them all into one general category. You’re probably wondering how a simple fiber gains so much strength. Simply put, it has to do with the chemical structure. The fiber is made up of chemical bonds that are so  strategically placed that they create the ultimate range of strength, flexibility and resistance to any kind of scraping, corrosion, fraying or wearing away of materials.


Aramid high strength, heat- and flame-resistant fibers are used to manufacture clothing with very specific functionality, i.e., bullet- and fire-resistance, protection against corrosion and abrasions, etc. Aside from the motorcycle industry, a few other examples of industries that may use these aramid fibers in their uniforms include the military, aerospace, defense (i.e., police and firefighters) and automotive (i.e., mechanics and race car drivers), just to name a few. Since these fibers also have chemical-protectant properties, they may also be used in uniforms worn by those in the oil and gas industry, biology, and other instances where scientific experimentation is a main focus. 

NBT Clothing currently has three options for aramid reinforced jackets, the Guardian Jacket and Invincible Jacket, and the Free Ridin’ Flannel. We plan to continue expanding our product line to include more aramid reinforced clothing options for our customers. The demand is there, and we want to keep all of our riders safe and happy!

While there are many benefits to wearing aramid fiber reinforced polymer, these are the top five reasons for choosing NBT Clothing when purchasing aramid reinforced jackets:

1) They provide protection against all four elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. 

Because these fibers are 100% synthetic, they are much stronger than any kind of cotton blend or other typical garment materials. Therefore, they are durable enough to withstand and cut through even the most intense of environmental factors.  The impressive qualities of these synthetic fibers don’t stop there. Aramid fibers are about five times stronger than steel. They have no melting point, and they can withstand temperatures as high as 752°F-1,112°F. Being able to resist such high temperatures is a game changer. Not only does it prevent the clothing from being damaged by obvious heat like a fire, but it also means heat from friction, which could be caused by intensely sliding across the hot ground after being thrown off your bike.

Aramid fibers also have insulating properties. This  means that they are able to keep in heat, which is an important feature to have for times when you are riding  in the colder temperatures. Now those are definitely the kinds of characteristics a motorcycle enthusiast, or rather, anyone at all who needs protective clothing, wants to hear about!

The NBT Clothing Guardian Jacket, Invisible Jacket both have reinforced aramid in the shoulder and elbow areas to offer protection against things like road rash, rain, heat, and wind. Although neither of these jackets come with CE armor included with purchase, they do have pockets in the shoulders, back and elbow areas, where removable padding or armor can be inserted for even more added protection. The Free Ridin’ Flannel is fully lined in the shoulder, elbow and back areas and does come with easily removable CE armor in those areas as well.

2) They’re lightweight. 

The extent of aramid fiber’s high strength and elasticity make it the perfect fiber to use when manufacturing protective clothing. Strength and resistance are not the only features that make aramid so much more superior than other materials; it’s also incredibly lightweight. In fact, aramid is 20% lighter than carbon fiber, which too is considered one of the lightest types of material, so that can give you an idea of just how light aramid really is. 

Aramid is not big and bulky like some defensive materials may be, which means it can be used in sleek, stylish clothing. You, and those around you, might not even realize it’s there! The Invincible Jacket is best known for its lightweight design. It’s honestly so hard to tell that there is any kind of protective element to it, that you could wear this on any occasion, not just while riding your bike. 

3) They offer fashionable and functional style, with comfort and convenience in mind.

Since the aramid reinforced jackets are so lightweight, the presence of the reinforced aramid does not prevent the Guardian and Invincible jackets from having a variety of appealing features to make the garments even more comfortable. 

The coated denim Guardian Jacket features performance features like underarm vents, mesh lining, two conceal carry pockets with tapered holsters, zippered sleeves with gussets and button snaps, armored pockets, and even an interior pocket for your cell phone. There is also an action back that adds extra room for movement.

The button down Invincible Jacket also has mesh lining and concealed carry pockets that are quick and easy to access. The interior is soft to add extra breathability, and there are zippered sleeves with gussets.

The Free Ridin’ Flannel is fashionable enough to take from the bike to the bar, with multiple colors available, a 100% cotton exterior and 100% polyester interior for breathability, and adjustable cuffs on the wrists so there is no risk of the cuffs hanging over your hands while you ride, or flapping around on extra windy days.

If aramid wasn’t as lightweight as it is, it might not be possible to include so many functional elements to the design of the jackets before they start to become too much to handle, and just generally uncomfortable and unattractive.

4) They have a high resistance to impact and can absorb energy.

Whether you are totally new to the motorcycle world or you’re a veteran who has been riding for years, it’s always worth the money to invest in good quality motorcycle gear. Simply wearing standard denim jeans, canvas pants or jackets or other basic pieces of clothing is not going to cut it — even if they make you look super sharp and trendy. Looks aren’t enough for this rugged lifestyle.

Without being equipped with the proper protective features, like those found in aramid reinforced items, these articles of clothing cannot shield you from the countless unknowns that come along with riding a motorcycle. You can’t always know when the curb will dip or the road will crack, when wet ground will cause you to slide or the wind throws off your balance. It’s always better to be prepared for the worst than assume for the best.

The properties within aramid fibers provide unbeatable resistance to impact, as they have the ability to better absorb the energy from anything that might come your way during your ride, i.e. environmental factors like we have already discussed like wind, rain, heat, and road rash; it can also provide protection in instances of collisions with other vehicles, or even people. This factor alone is one of the main reasons why we prefer wearing aramid reinforced clothing to stay protected while riding.

5) They are abrasion-resistant.

Unfortunately, it’s way too often that we hear about motorcyclists falling off of their bikes (just read my story; it’s the whole reason this company started!) and skidding along the gravel, which can cause severe injuries. Aramid fibers have abrasion-resistant properties that keep riders safe because the material is stiff and sturdy enough that it is very hard to cut through. It won’t fray, strip or wear away. It’s heavy-duty and long-lasting enough to keep the skin shielded from potential open wounds that could occur from hitting the ground or other objects. It can also safeguard the body from any discomfort or harm from body parts coming in contact with parts of the bike itself.

Road rash is one of the most common motorcycle injuries, with over 20,000 occurrences happening to bikers each year. This can easily be prevented, as long as you’re wearing the right gear!

Clothing made with reinforced aramid fibers provides a level of security for motorcyclists that can help ease any of their worries or fears about their safety while enjoying a ride, no matter where they are in the world, what time of day or year it is, how experienced they are as a rider, or what their main objective for riding is. When you are dressed in aramid reinforced jeans, jackets, shirts, or any other article of clothing, you know you are being kept safe in the highest quality of protective gear. Think of it as a strategic method of defensive driving, in clothing form!

With so many advantages to aramid fiber, it’s no wonder that experts project the aramid fiber market size to reach over $6 billion by 2026. Our team here at NBT Clothing is proud to be at the forefront of this growing market, providing our customers with uniquely designed clothing that bleeds the line between fashion and function. We have definitely seen the rise of the consumer’s interest in dressing defensively in specific situations. They want clothes that are comfortable, flexible and almost weightless, yet still feel strong and secure. 

This is true for all of the industries we listed previously, but it is especially true in the motorcycle community. Let’s be honest; isn’t half of the fun of being out there on the road being able to dress the part? Whether you are riding solo or as part of a big group, there is certainly a definitive “look” that goes along with the biker lifestyle. This can be hard to achieve if you are constantly bogged down by clothing that is heavyweight, awkwardly shaped, unmaneuverable, and generally just ugly and uncomfortable. NBT Clothing never wants its customers to become a victim of these things, which is why we chose to incorporate aramid fiber reinforced polymer into our product line. 

For many riders, there is a choice made right before jumping on their bike… Do we want to look good, or feel safe? Why should you have to make that choice? Why does there have to be such a distinct difference between style and safety? These two things can co-exist, thanks to the beauty of aramid fiber.

At NBT Clothing, we created aramid reinforced jackets that give our customers clothing that not only looks great on and makes them feel comfortable and prepared for their ride, but also gives them a sense of safety, steadiness and security. This is what we always strive for in our products, and we will never waiver on that. It’s Style and Safety Redefined™.  

As you shop around for items of clothing to add to your motorcycle wardrobe, we encourage you to always seek out clothing that is Built for the Journey & the Destination™. The goal is to be prepared, and look good doing it. Dress in clothing that will not only keep you looking fresh from point A to point B, but also ensures that you will make, and complete, that journey from point A to point B safely. NBT Clothing does just that. 

We bet that once you have shopped our line of aramid reinforced jackets and have experienced all they have to offer during your ride, and even while wearing off your bike, you will never want to wear another motorcycle jacket ever again. 

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to toss away all those old jackets and shirts that don’t have the reinforced aramid feature, and visit our online store to start shopping!

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