Enhancing Safety and Durability: The Significance of Aramid Lining for Abrasion Resistance in Motorcycling

Enhancing Safety and Durability: The Significance of Aramid Lining for Abrasion Resistance in Motorcycling

Motorcycling is an exhilarating experience, but it also carries inherent risks. As riders, prioritizing our safety is paramount, and abrasion resistance plays a crucial role. NBT Clothing has integrated TensileTough™ aramid lining into our protective gear to ensure riders' confidence and peace of mind on the road along with our exclusive 100 Ride Guarantee.

Understanding TensileTough™ Aramid Lining and Abrasion Resistance

TensileTough, our proprietary aramid lining, is a remarkable synthetic fiber renowned for its exceptional strength and resistance to abrasion. When it comes to motorcycling, this innovative material serves as a vital component in protective gear, significantly reducing the risk of road rash injuries during accidents or skids. At NBT Clothing, we understand the importance of wearing riding gear with optimum strength and durability and have meticulously incorporated it into our gear to provide riders with unparalleled protection.

Protective Gear with TensileTough Aramid Lining

NBT Clothing proudly presents a diverse range of protective gear that features TensileTough aramid lining:

Motorcycle Tops: Our meticulously crafted Free Ridin' Flannel and Bodyguard Pullover Hoodie showcases TensileTough™ aramid lining. Combined with reinforced armor, these tops deliver optimal abrasion resistance and unparalleled comfort. Riders can confidently tackle any challenge on the road, knowing they are protected by our advanced gear.


Riding Pants: NBT Clothing's License to Ride Aramid Pants are designed with TensileTough™ lining in high-risk zones. Enhanced by additional protective features including CE knee and hip protectors, these pants ensure superior protection against abrasions, giving riders security and uncompromising durability.

Gloves (COMING SOON!): Hands are particularly vulnerable during accidents or skids. Our gloves incorporate TensileTough aramid lining, significantly enhancing their abrasion resistance. Riders can maintain dexterity while benefiting from optimal protection, thanks to our advanced gear.

Enhancing Abrasion Resistance with TensileTough Aramid

In addition to the integration of TensileTough aramid lining, NBT Clothing recommends the following measures to further enhance abrasion resistance:

Armor Inserts: Our gear is designed to accommodate removable armor inserts. These inserts offer reinforced protection to critical areas such as elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips, ensuring comprehensive abrasion resistance. With every purchase we provide complimentary armor to ensure our riders don't go without it.

 Regular Maintenance: To maximize the effectiveness of TensileTough-lined gear, it is essential to regularly inspect and maintain it. Promptly addressing any damages helps preserve its abrasion-resistant properties over time, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The 100 Ride Guarantee: Peace of Mind for Riders

At NBT, we believe in the quality and performance of our gear. We understand the importance of confidence when investing in protective equipment. That's why we offer our exclusive 100 Ride Guarantee. When you purchase any gear from NBT Clothing, you have 100 days to test it out on your rides. If, within this period, you find that the gear does not meet your standards or expectations, simply return it to us, no questions asked. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Crash Replacement Policy: Protecting You on the Road 

We understand that accidents can happen. That's why, in addition to our 100 Ride Guarantee, we offer a Crash Replacement Policy. If you are involved in a crash while wearing NBT gear, we will replace the damaged gear for free. We want you to focus on your recovery while we take care of getting you back on the road with our reliable and protective gear.

When you choose NBT Clothing, you can ride with confidence, knowing you are shielded by our advanced gear and supported by our 100 Ride Guarantee and Crash Replacement Policy. Ride protected with NBT Clothing. 

If you have any questions please contact us by emailing info@nbtclothing.com and we will be happy to help!

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