Customer Chronicles: NBT Clothing's Transformative Impact

Customer Chronicles: NBT Clothing's Transformative Impact

The importance of customer reviews transcends conventional commerce. NBT Clothing exemplifies the transformative influence of such feedback. Beyond being a mere provider of clothing, NBT has cultivated a distinctive rapport with its riders—a relationship in which customer reviews serve as the life force, nurturing growth, evolution, and a profound bond between the brand and its community. These customer insights have not only molded our trajectory but have also fostered a dynamic conversation encompassing craftsmanship, innovation, and consumer aspirations.

Discover Unrivaled Protection and Style: The License to Ride Pants Aramid Edition

Designed with aramid fibers known for their exceptional strength and heat resistance, these pants redefine protection on the road. Aramid fibers offer outstanding abrasion resistance, shielding you from potential harm in case of accidents. Investing in these pants means investing in durability. Aramid fibers not only ensure unparalleled protection but also enhance the pants' lifespan. Be prepared for countless rides knowing your gear is up to the challenge. Experience comfort in motion as the License to Ride Pants Aramid Edition are tailored to fit the rider's body seamlessly. Their ergonomic design allows for flexible movement whether you're cruising city streets or highways. The stylish design further boosts your confidence both on and off the bike.

Real Experiences and Feedback:

  • Paul

"I’ve had these pants for a little over a month now and I can’t say enough about them. They look better, feel better and fit better than I thought they would. Mine are black and every time I wear them I get compliments on how nice they look. Fortunately, I have not gone down and needed the protection aspect as of yet. But they definitely make me feel a lot safer than regular Jean. i’ll definitely be buying another pair in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone they are extremely comfortable to wear while riding."

  • Joe

"I bought blue jean pants.. the fit was good, very comfortable! The material is stretchy and heavy material just like a heavy blue jean. I highly recommend these.. even in the summer even though they are of a heavy material.. i never overheated and the air when riding passes through to cool you down.. great pair of jeans"

  • Cameron 

"Went down going about 30 mph after not even having the pants for a week. Got some scrapes on my knee but definitely could’ve been a lot worse have I not been wearing them. Could’ve shattered my knee from the landing or even worse road rash then I got. Pants didn’t even rip or tear very good quality. Very comfortable as well."

  • James

"Typically for my riding I wear jeans and feel safe enough but after having a close call or two I’ve opted to buy more protective pants. The license to ride is not only comfortable and stylish but comes equipped with CE armor to further protect yourself. The price is right, the pants perform as expected, and I will absolutely buy more of these pants."

 Elevate Your Ride with the Body Guard Pullover Hoodie

Introducing the Body Guard Pullover Hoodie – where safety meets style for motorcycle enthusiasts. Unveil a new era of riding gear with the hoodie. It's not just fashion; it's function. Strategically positioned abrasion-resistant panels offer enhanced protection in crucial areas, ensuring you ride confidently. Designed with your comfort in mind, the hoodie is a well-designed fit and a soft-to-the-touch cotton exterior. Enjoy unrestricted movement on your bike and look effortlessly stylish off it. Make a statement with the minimalist design and iconic NBT Clothing logo. From riding to socializing, this hoodie seamlessly adapts, redefining your wardrobe.

Real Experiences and Feedback:

  • TC 

"Order based on how you like your hoodie to fit. True to size for sure, super comfortable, decent amount of wind protection, perfect amount of road protection, and all the right details!! Long hoodie string so you can tuck 'em very easy, zippered hoodie pocket, buttoned loop at the tailbone to tether on your belt and keep your bottom from showing when you tuck&twist, and a loop on the back of the collar to hang it up on a hook!! NBT really crushed it on this hoodie!"

  • Chris

"I have been looking for the perfect hoodie and think I finally found it. I wear it everyday riding to work in the morning, when I get to the shop I just pop the pads out. I love that it has kevlar so I feel confident riding."

  • Richard

"My expectations were pretty high and the hoodie exceeded them. It’s comfortable and stylish. High quality material and air flows through perfectly even on hot days. 100% recommend."

  • Valorie

"I purchased this for my 14 yr old son to wear while riding his dirt bike around town and on the trails. It looks cool and is not overly bulky like the other protective gear he was wearing. This is much more comfortable for him to wear and ride in and it gives me more peace of mind knowing that he is more protected."

Unleash Your Riding Spirit with the Free Ridin' Flannel Aramid Edition

Imagine a garment that captures the essence of your love for riding and your commitment to safety. We proudly presents the Free Ridin' Flannel Aramid Edition – a fusion of rugged style and cutting-edge protection. It's not just a shirt; expertly combining the timeless appeal of flannel with the strength of aramid fibers. As you hit the road, these fibers stand as an invisible shield, offering exceptional abrasion resistance while ensuring you remain stylishly true to your rider's soul. The relaxed fit is designed to allow freedom of movement, letting you embrace every curve and turn without restraint. 

Real Experiences and Feedback:

  • Gavin

"Bought this a few weeks ago and it showed up way sooner than expected. This jacket is SUPER comfortable and way better than I could have imagined. Keeps me warm when it’s chilly out at cruising speed but also keeps me cool when it’s hot and I’m at a stop light. I have recommended this jacket to several friends who ride and they said they’re definitely going to be purchasing one in the very near future. If the pants are anything like the jacket, I can not wait to order a pair."

  • Marcus

"This past Friday I was in a motorcycle crash while wearing this jacket. Thanks to the quality of it I had no major injuries to my upper body. The jacket got a little damaged but that’s fine because it protected me. I would recommend this jacket to anyone that rides."

  • Kendall

"Wore it for a few weeks now, 2 longer rides (180 ish miles for both rides) and I can honestly say it's the most comfortable jacket I have. I feel safe wearing it, unlike just wearing a hoodie or something. The added armor gives me a ton of peace of mind. I have got compliments on it because of how casual it looks, and not some big bulky labeled 10 piece jacket where you can't move. I was extremely skeptical about ordering it because I found this company on social media and normally it never goes well. But with that being said, the guys over at NBT replied fast when I had a question about the jacket on instagram DM's. Says a ton to me that it was probably someone on their phone taking the extra time to handle what I needed. Will be buying more stuff soon."

  • Anonymous

"I love this flannel! Fits me perfectly, breaths well and looks great! Good quality material and I like the fact that it zips and buttons. The sleeves being velcro allow you to adjust the sleeves around your gloves so they don’t flap in the wind. Will be ordering more products from NBT!"

NBT Clothing's Impact Beyond Fashion

These real-life testimonials underscore the significant impact that NBT Clothing has had on riders worldwide. Through the stories of Paul, James, TC, Valorie, Gavin, Kendall, and countless others, it's evident that NBT is more than a brand – it's a catalyst for positive change. “NBT Clothing is bridging the gap between wearing full race leathers and squidding” , as top moto influencer FastlaneD's review aptly captures this innovation. Riders are no longer confronted with the dilemma of choosing between comfort, style, and protection. NBT Clothing masterfully integrates all three elements, revolutionizing the riding gear landscape. Our brand is more than clothing; it's a testament to the perfect fusion of comfort and safety. NBT is a reminder that each purchase holds the potential to shape the industry, influence others, and create a ripple effect of change.

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