The legendary Harley Sportster

The legendary Harley Sportster

If you are a fan or customer of NBT Clothing and follow us on social media, you know about the exciting motorcycle giveaway that has been going on this summer. There is only about a month left to enter the NBT Dirtster 2.0 Summer Giveaway, so you better get in those orders!

If you are new around here, you might have no clue what we are talking about, but you’re probably thankful you tuned in while there is still time to enter!

NBT Owner Nick Urso has been working tirelessly to create a custom-build Harley Davidson Sportster 1100 to give away to one incredibly lucky motorcyclist.

This prized bike FEATURES:

  • 1100 Evo Motor
  • S&S Carburetor
  • Kenda Big Block Tires
  • Supertrapp 2-1 Exhaust
  • Elite Mototech Clutch
  • Full Progressive Suspension
  • Custom Fabricated Fenders
  • Lowbrow Custom Gas Tank and Wheels
  • Burly Band Scrambler Bars and Pegs

It sounds like Nick has been working his ass off, right? Absolutely. “Oh, it’s been a process alright,” he said when asked how the build-out process has been going for him. “From mocking up what I want it to look like, to finding all the parts, then the fun part… Totally stripping it down to the frame and motor, painting the frame myself and sending all the other parts out for powder coating. It’s been a long process, learning process, but I wouldn’t have been able to get a lot of this build done if it wasn’t for my friends that are in the motorcycle industry as well.”

Nick’s motorcycle community — and that includes all of his loyal NBT Clothing customers — has been a huge part of this project, which also helps support the brand and spread the word about its mission to help every motorcycle rider be prepared, and look good while doing it, by offering a collection of motorcycle clothing that seamlessly blends style, protection and comfort.

To enter the giveaway, you must make a purchase at For every dollar you spend, you get one entry. So, order a pair of the best-selling License to Ride Pant for $128, and you get 128 entries! Add on the new, and fast-selling, Fundamental Shop Shirt for $158 and you will get another 158 entries. It’s that simple. The more you spend and show your support for NBT Clothing, the bigger your chance is of winning big!

Side note — have you checked out this new aramid-lined shirt yet? It’s much more lightweight than our aramid-lined Free Ridin’ Flannel, which make it perfect for riding during the warmer summer months or if you live somewhere that is warm all year round. It’s a short-sleeve button down with a snap collar and full back and armpit mesh vents, so there is plenty of breathability. Having that aramid reinforced lining provides a lot of safety benefits. It provides protection to the skin from road-rash-induced-skin abrasions; it’s flame retardant and heat resistant up for 500 degrees Fahrenheit; it’s resistant to acids, chlorine bleach, etc., and it’s a strong enough material to hold up against cuts, punctures, and tears that could happen during a fall or crash. It’s our newest item on the site, and has quickly become a favorite!

 But back to the giveaway details!

Entries will be accepted through September 30th, 2022. Then, on October 10th, the winner will be announced on social media and via email. The winner not only walks away with this one-of-a-kind motorcycle, but they also get a nice cash prize of $3,000. This is one contest you do not want to skip out on. Click here for all of the giveaway details and go shop!

So, why did we choose to give away the Sportster? Well, according to Harley Davidson itself, this bike is “a legacy born in 1957 that outperformed the competition,” and the latest versions of today’s time have been “rebuilt to blow away the standards of today.” It’s the top choice bike for riders who are looking for both style and performance, for those who want to make a statement on the road, and for those looking for the ultimate riding experience. Coincidentally, that is the same mindset we have here at NBT Clothing too, so there is great synergy between the two brands.

The first Harley Davidson Sportster was introduced to the motorcycle world in 1957 — the same year that the world learned how to toss a frisbee and heard the Elvis Presley hit “All Shook Up.” There have been many models built since that first one, but they all stay true to the original, and even after 65 years, it is one of the world’s most popular motorcycles.

The Sportster came after another one of Harley Davidson’s well known bikes: the Model K series, which was introduced in 1952. While the actual appearance of the Sportster looked a lot like the K models when it first was introduced to the market, it had a much more powerful engine. The K model had a 45 cubic-inch engine, and the Sportster had a 54 cubic-inch engine that used iron cylinder heads. That particular type of engine, known as ironhead motors, were used in the Sportsters until 1985. In 1986, the Harley Davidson Evolution engine, known as the “Evo” motor, replaced the ironhead motors, available in two sizes: 883 cc and 1100 cc. That is the engine still used today, and the bike that Nick has custom built for the NBT Clothing giveaway has the 1100 Evo motor.

It didn’t take long for the Sportster to catch the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts. Its sleek appearance had instant appeal, and was giving all the British imports a run for their money because it was so much more powerful. Plus, the Harley Davidson name was already well known as being a top-of-the-line brand in bikes, and every motorcyclist wants to have the best of the best.

Despite there being a lot of negative press surrounding motorcycles and motorcycle riding, the Harley Davidson Sportster was always shown in a positive light, with clean family-friendly images that showed it as the bike that anyone could own.

This was the “it” bike to have — but not just for recreational use. Yes, the Sportster was certainly desired by casual riders and had a huge impact on the motorcycle community, but it also was an important part of the motorcycle racing community. A world land speed record for a motorcycle was hit in 1970, at 265.492mph. That speed was hit by Cal Rayborn, on a Harley Davidson Sportster.

While the Sportster has been most popular for recreational use and racing, it also has a history with stunt riding. In the 1970s, Evel Knievel was exciting audiences with his action-packed and mouth-gaping stunt performances. We’re sure you have heard of this stunt rider, but what you probably don’t know is that the bike he used was the Harley Davidson XR-750, a very close model to the Sportster, and their similarities inspired Harley Davidson to create a Sportster version of the XR-750 that was legal to ride recreationally. That model was released in 1983 as the XR-1000.

As you can see, the Sportster has a rich history and has definitely had a hand in creating some of the biggest motorcycle hype in the industry.

Customizing bikes did not start to become a popular thing to do until the mid 1960s, and the Sportster was a top choice for customization projects due to it being more lightweight than other bikes. Riders can easily transform their Sportster into a chopper, which is a style of motorcycle that came to light back in the 1950s in California in which the motorcycle’s steering angles are greatly modified to make the bike look more stretched out; or a bobber, which is when the bike’s nonessential parts are totally removed or stripped in order decrease its weight.

Nick chose this bike in particular for the giveaway because he owns three of them, and explains that each of them are totally different. “With Sportsters, there are so many different avenues you can take with them,” he says. It’s a bike that appeals to so many different people, so it makes the most sense to use it as a giveaway for a large audience.

Despite how much this bike design has changed throughout the years, it remains to be seen as an American classic — a bike that embodies all that the motorcycle culture is.

Its speed, attractiveness, and affordability are three of its most appealing characteristics — and three characteristics that resonate perfectly with the NBT Clothing brand.

  • Speed: No one wants a motorcycle that doesn’t have the ability to maintain some serious speed. The Harley Davidson Sportster’s engines have come a long way since the very beginning, but have always been impressive. The Sportster’s speed is on point and exactly what its riders look for in a bike, just as NBT Clothing provides its customers with exactly what they are looking for in their motorcycle clothing. Jackets, shirts and pants that provide safety and protection from the environment during potential hazards that can happen while out riding the open road. 50% of motorcyclists ride unprotected, and NBT Clothing is here to change that statistic.
  • Attractiveness: Just one glance at any model of the Harley Davidson Sportster and you can see how it charms its audience. That, along with the fact that riders can pretty much customize their bike however they’d like to truly make it their own, make it a very alluring motorcycle. Being attractive is one of the main things that makes NBT Clothing items stand out from other protective motorcycle gear. The NBT Clothing brand is fashionable, yet functional, so no matter what, you are always ready for the road and always looking fresh at your destination.
  • Affordability: The Harley Davidson Sportsters affordable price tag makes it so much more attainable for riders at any stage of their life. High costs can be intimidating and discouraging, so it’s important to have a cost-effective bike option that still rides as well and looks as good as more expensive models. It’s the same deal with NBT Clothing! There’s no need to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on protective gear, especially if it’s big, bulky and uncomfortable. Prices range from $90-$200, and the best part about NBT Clothing’s affordable line of motorcycle gear is that you will absolutely get your money’s worth and then some. You can wear these jackets, shirts and pants straight from your bike to a bar and restaurant, running errands, sporting events, concerts, festivals, and more.

This is not the first motorcycle giveaway that Nick has done for his followers. In 2010, he hosted a giveaway for The Dirtster, and it really blew up on social media. People loved it! What’s not to love about the chance to win a completely upgraded and customized bike when you are a total motorcycle enthusiast?! “I have even seen people from other countries customizing their bikes the same way that I did that one. I chose to do another dirt bike style this time around because of how popular that was, but this time I made the 2.0 version even crazier,” Nick says. “The color scheme, the big 21-inch front tire… I really took it up a notch for this giveaway bike.”

But Nick’s motivation for doing this giveaway goes even deeper. “After creating a few bikes over the last year and a half and seeing how much everyone on social media loved them, I thought it would be cool to do a special build, and then give it away to someone who really appreciates motorcycle culture and admires the vision I have for the bike.” He drew inspiration from other companies that run similar types of giveaways, such as 80eighty, a motorsports company that custom builds “dream cars” to give away to their fanbase, along with a cash prize; and Ride Clutch, a motorcycle gear company that frequently gives away custom built motorcycles coupled with a cash prize as well. “By doing these giveaways with their fanbase and followers, companies are able to tap into a whole new way of marketing their brand and product.”


Giveaways, especially when promoted through social media platforms, have become a successful and effective marketing technique for many businesses across a multitude of industries. It allows businesses to target the exact audience they want to reach, drive traffic to their website and/or online store, and has the potential to significantly increase their clients and customer base.


As always, NBT Clothing is so thankful for all of its supporters, customers, and social media followers for helping to spread awareness about the brand. Seeing how popular custom bike giveaways are, you can expect to see more giveaways in the future, so make sure to continue following on social media to stay in the loop.


As for the winner of the NBT Dirtster 2.0 Giveaway, Nick’s main piece of advise is to “Ride the shit out of it! But be safe while doing so🤘🏼.”


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