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What is Aramid Lining?

There are a couple prime safety features that you will find in the best motorcycle apparel. One of those main features is known as aramid fiber, which is a very strong and resilient synthetic fiber that is mainly used to make apparel and gear for industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense and military, electronics, sports goods and industrial situations where an extra layer of protection is needed.


It can be used for things like body or vehicle armor, helmets, gloves, fireproof suits, and as we have seen in the motorcycle industry, various articles of clothing. Aramid also does not conduct electricity, so it can even be used to make phone covers because it won’t get in the way of signals.


These high-performance fibers are particularly good for armor because of their lightweight nature, heat-resistant and flame-resistant properties, and they are also proven to have an extremely high melting point.  Aramid fiber is known to have better mechanical properties than steel or glass fibers, without any additional weight added on.


It wasn’t until the 1960s that aramid fiber became commercialized, and were first used to make armor for a vehicle in the 1970s. Today, aramid fiber is widely used and in high demand. In fact, last year the aramid fiber market size was estimated at $3.8 billion in 2021, and was expected to grow to $4.28 billion this year. In 2026, it is expected to be $6 billion. Because of how lightweight, durable and flexible the materials are, it makes them much more in demand for military, defense and automotive industries — and that is why it is perfect to use in the motorcycle industry.


Gear that is manufactured with aramid fibers are made to be anti-abrasion, providing protection against things like cuts, scrapes, and tears that can expose the skin and cause road rash to happen. Road rash is one of the most common motorcycle injuries, affecting about 20,000 riders each year.


Over half of motorcyclists ride unprotected, putting themselves in a direct line of harm should they get into an accident. This is one motorcycle statistic that demands to be changed, and NBT Clothing’s mission is to do just that.


But wait, why do so many motorcyclists ride unprotected? You would think that safety is a top concern, but when the majority of protective motorcycle gear is uncomfortable, bulky and just plain ugly, motorcycle enthusiasts are not rushing out to purchase these items. Instead, they choose regular shirts, jackets and denim jeans — clothing without the proper protective lining and CE-approved armor — and run the risk of getting hurt while on their bikes. NBT Clothing believes that riders should never have to choose between safety and style, fashion and function, or comfort and consequence. That is exactly why owner Nick Urso set out to create a line of motorcycle gear that never forces anyone to make that choice.


When you use technology like this as the main component of the fabric used in your motorcycle apparel, it gives riders the protection they need in the face of a fall while they are out on their bikes, and also keeps them protected from any dangers that can occur while working on their bike in the shop. These strong and durable fibers can be used for the lining in motorcycle gear such as pants, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and even gloves. Wherever there is the potential for skin to become exposed to harmful elements, an article of clothing with aramid lining is the ideal choice.


Aramid lined motorcycle apparel is becoming more and more available for riders, which increases their level of safety and protection while doing the thing they love most: riding the open road.


Our License To Ride Pant has been a bestseller since its debut. With its CE-approved removable armor in the hip and knee areas and a premium blend of cotton, polyester and spandex, it provides comfort and protection, while also being stylish and affordable — but it was missing one important piece of the puzzle: aramid lining. So we set out to enhance the License To Ride Pant and make them even more desirable by adding NBT Clothing’s anti-abrasion TensileTough™ technology that is engineered with 100% aramid lining in the knees and glute area, reinforced stitching, and the pants even come with free knee and hip impact armor.


The Aramid Edition LTR Pant is better than ever. The design is just as sleek, stylish and comfortable as the first version, if not even more, and still very affordable when compared with other motorcycle apparel brands that sell aramid lined motorcycle pants. Brands like Tobacco Motorwear, uglyBROS USA and KLIM offer riding pants with aramid protection, but there is over a hundred dollar difference in price between these other motorcycle brands and NBT Clothing.


Tobacco Motorwear’s riding jeans are made with DuPont™ Kevlar® lining, priced at $377 without armor or even pockets for removable armor included. The pants that do have pockets for removable armor, but the armor isn’t even included are $429. The uglyBROS USA’s riding pants are also lined with aramid, and do have areas for hip and knee protectors, but again, that armor is not included. The brand has a variety of pant styles available ranging from $289 to $349. KLIM has pants priced as high as $1,100! You should not have to spend this much money to ride protected. Your safety should not come at an unaffordable price!


The NBT Clothing License to Ride Pant is only $228! Not only do the pants include pockets for removable CE impact armor, but also includes the actual armor for the elbows, shoulders, and back areas. Fashionable, protective and affordable? That’s what we strive to bring to our customer base, and we will never back down from that. We want every rider to be prepared, and look good while doing so.


By the way, just as a side note… There is no real difference between aramid and Kevlar lining. It is the same thing; Kevlar is simply a trademark brand name for the generic aramid fiber made by DuPont. So, don’t get confused when you see some brands use the term aramid and another use the term Kevlar. They are interchangeable in the industry. Other name brands you may see on the market are Twaron, and Nomex.


The Aramid Edition LTR Pant is made from a high quality stretch-denim blend to conform to just about every body type, and available in six colors — denim, olive, black, slate, khaki and bronze — so you can stock up and have a variety of options!


But we didn’t stop there... We figured, if we are already working to create the ultimate pair of pants for every motorcycle rider, we might as well make sure to pull out all the stops. Go big or go home, right? Of course. The new aramid edition LTR Pant is made using core-spun yarn, making them more sturdy and durable as ever.


The aramid fibers used for the NBT Clothing pants give an additional layer of protection, without being big, bulky or uncomfortable. When you look at someone wearing our motorcycle riding pants, you won’t necessarily be able to tell that it’s there. It may be visually discreet, but just knowing that it’s there gives you peace of mind.


We want every single one of our NBT Clothing customers to put on a pair of these pants and feel as though they could wear them almost anywhere and everywhere, regardless of whether they are even getting on their bike for a ride.


The Aramid Edition LTR Pant is joined by another new product that also uses the TensileTough aramid lining for protection: the Armored Hoodie. Because while road rash to the lower extremities is the number one most common injury for motorcycle riders, road rash to the upper extremities is a very close second. The entire body needs protection from road rash and other environmental factors that can cause harm.


The Armored Hoodie has aramid lining at the elbows, shoulders and back, and includes CE Rated elbow, shoulder, and back impact armor. Looking at this sweatshirt, you would never know that it’s loaded with protection. It looks just like your average, everyday hoodie. It’s soft and breathable, and has a couple features that every motorcyclist knows is important during a ride: an attachable belt loop so the hoodie doesn’t ride up in the back during a high-speed ride, and zippers for the front pocket so you can keep valuables safe.


The NBT Clothing line has more than one item to protect the upper body as well. There is also the aramid lined Free Ridin’ Flannel, which is fully lined with reinforced aramid throughout the entire top and comes with free elbow, shoulder, and back armor for impact protection, and the lightweight and breathable short sleeve Fundamental Shop Shirt that is fully Kevlar-lined, designed to protect motorcycle enthusiasts from road rash and extreme temperatures. It also provides a strong protective barrier against slashes, cuts, and punctures so you are always safe and protected while working on your bike in the shop too.


There are so many benefits to using aramid lining in our line of motorcycle clothing. Due to the amount of strength these 100% synthetic fibers have, they can withstand even the most harsh elements of the environment. Aramid protects against heat and fire, but also has insulating properties to keep warmth in for those times you may find yourself riding in cold weather. Additionally, aramid is impact-resistant and can absorb energy. That can be extremely helpful in situations where you may experience a fall or a collision with another motorcycle, vehicle or person. Aramid is also super lightweight, even lighter than carbon fiber, which is said to be one of the lightest kinds of fiber. Yes, aramid is used for armor, but it is not big and bulky at all, which makes it perfect to use for our line of functional and fashionable items.


Let’s circle back to that comparison with carbon fiber. Besides weight, what are the other differences between aramid fiber and carbon fiber? Although both of these fibers appear similar, their properties are very different. Carbon is extremely strong and stiff. It has a high resistance to chemicals and can tolerate, but not resist, heat. It also has high conductivity. So, unlike aramid, it definitely could not be used for phone covers or anything else that has to do with phones for that matter because it would interrupt the signals. Carbon fiber also does not protect against abrasion, which is a very important feature of aramid.


The main difference, however, has to do with the strength and durability of these two polymer materials. Although carbon fiber may be stronger than aramid fiber, it is not as flexible and tough as aramid fibers. It is also brittle and therefore is probably not reliable enough to manufacture the type of protective and defensive products that aramid fiber is used for. You would not want to wear motorcycle gear that is labeled as “brittle,” would you? We didn’t think so.


A wardrobe of aramid-lined clothing is important to have if you are part of the motorcycle community, but safety does not stop there. NBT Clothing is the brand you can trust for your motorcycle pants and shirts, but you also need to find a trusted brand for a motorcycle helmet, goggles, gloves, and boots. All of these protective items are critical things to have on hand for your safety and well being when you go out for a ride or are in the shop. 


If you are one of the 50% of motorcycle riders who are unprepared for the open road, you are putting yourself at risk for injury each and every single time you get on your bike. It’s better late than never to get on board with a trustworthy brand that will keep you safe and protected on your bike and make you look good with a seamless blend of style, protection and comfort. This is what we like to call Style & Safety Redefined™.


NBT Clothing’s line of affordable and fashionable motor wear is sleek and trendy enough that any of the pieces can be worn during your everyday activities, such as running errands, grabbing lunch or dinner with friends, or even if you work in a relaxed atmosphere where comfortable casual clothes are allowed.


Your riding experience is about to get better than ever. Once you have joined the NBT Clothing family, you can breathe easy knowing that you are safe and protected, and you look good too! NBT has your back — and your knees, hips, elbows and shoulders — when it comes to the best and most protective motorcycle gear. Shop now at or check us out on Amazon.

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