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Body Guard Armored Motorcycle Hoodie

Body Guard Armored Motorcycle Hoodie

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Aramid Lining - Slide Protection
CE-Approved Armor
Buttery Soft


SAFETY & STYLE REDEFINED™ : Woven with ARAMID - 5x STRONGER THAN STEEL - the same fiber that stops bullets, tethers space shuttles and armors helicopters, we’ve created gear that belongs in a Bond movie. Hoodies feature our game-changing TensileTough  lining.

We’re so sure NBT will give you your most comfortable and confident ride we give you 30 days just to be sure you love them.

  • Aramid Slide Protection
  • Classic hoodie look with complete Moto upgrade
  • Polyester mesh interior lining for extra breathability 
  • Free Removable CE 1 armor in elbows & shoulders. Back foam padding included.

      Performance + Durability

      • TensileTough™ aramid lining in elbows, shoulders, and back
      • High-quality material blend to optimize comfort, durability, and flexibility 
      • Free CE-approved armor in elbows, shoulders, and back 
      • Soft-to-the-touch cotton exterior 
      • Polyester mesh interior for extra comfort
      • Large zip kangaroo pouch to secure your items  
      • Belt loop prevents ride-up at high speeds 
      • YKK Zippers

      Comnfort + Construction


      Designed with high-quality materials to optimize comfort, durability, and flexibility with NBT’s anti-abrasion TensileTough™ technology. 


      • 100% Aramid Lining shoulders, elbows, and back.
      • Reinforced Stitching in impact zones 

      Interior Lining 

      • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton 

      Exterior Lining 

      • 100% Cotton

      Why Aramid?

      Aramid is synthetic fiber that’s 5X STRONGER THAN STEEL while still being SOFT and LIGHTWEIGHT.

      We use it to keep you comfortable and protected from road rash.

      Often used in bulletproof vests, aerospace materials, and racing suits, aramid is synonymous with TOP-OF-THE-LINE protection.

      Ever heard of Kevlar? Kevlar is aramid fiber. At NBT we call it TensileTough™.


      • Remove pads before washing
      • Machine Wash Cold 
      • Do Not Bleach
      • Do Not Iron
      • Lay Flat to Dry

      Free Shipping & Returns


      We know the true test of any riding gear is how it feels. That’s why we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. You have 30 days to be sure you love em', we'll even pay for return shipping. If you decide they’re not up to the job just send them back and we’ll give you a full refund.


      All orders of $150 or more will receive free ground shipping (US Only).

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      From The Road

      Highlighting the Best Content Sent to us by Members of the NBT Community

      Key Feature Overview


      Our Aramid lined motorcycle clothing offers the perfect combination or durability and comfort, providing riders with superior protection against abrasion and impact while making them comfortable on and off the bike.

      • Comfortable: Constructed with materials that are lightweight and flexible, making them comfortable and easy to wear.
      • Abrasion Resistant: Aramid is designed to resist tearing and wearing down, protecting you against road rash in the event of an accident.
      • Breathable: Aramid promotes airflow and prevents overheating, enhancing rider comfort while still protecting against abrasion.
      • Long Lasting: 100% cotton exterior and poly cotton interior built to withstand wear and tear offering you reliable protection for years to come.
      • Perfect Fit: Our virtual fit technology uses millions of data sets to ensure you find the size right for you.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 333 reviews

      It doesn’t get much better then NBT they thought of everything possible to make the perfect riding hoodie, definitely worth the money


      This hoodie so comfortable and so thick, I absolutely love it, I’ll probably wear it for everyday use too! I can’t wait to finally get a motorcycle so I can use it in action!


      Comfortable and tough, worth $200

      David Henning
      Great but some opportunities for improvement

      Great quality hoodie. I just wish it came in big/tall sizes. I'm 6'3 280lbs and the xxl fit me pretty well except the sleeves were a bit short( I have this problem a lot). The shoulder pads and elbow pads act more like bicep and forearm pads with how low they are stitched into the sleeves

      Nit pick here: I wish the zippers would zip down to close instead of zippung up. zipping up that pocket when riding isnt that practical.

      Hi there! Thank you for your feedback on our Body Guard Armored Motorcycle Hoodie. We're glad to hear that you think it's a great quality hoodie. We apologize that it doesn't come in big/tall sizes at the moment, but we will definitely take that into consideration for future product development. We also appreciate your suggestion about the zipper direction and will pass it along to our design team. Thank you for choosing our product and for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Ride safe!

      Carter Drost
      Awesome, near perfect

      I haven’t crashed in it, and don’t plan on it. I must say, the pads don’t offer much confidence and I will be replacing them with something stronger. Still, to be safer feels great. To feel safer comfortably, feels greatest. Super happy with the purchase.


      You've got 30 days to be sure you love em', we'll even pay for return shipping. Though we promise you, you'll be hooked from your first ride.


      Comfortable motowear coming your way soon. All orders ship from our warehouse in Northern California. And no one likes to pay for shipping! Based Internationally? We'll still ship to you!


      In the unfortunate event you wreck in our gear, we'll replace anything you were wearing that was damaged at no charge. We want to make sure you're fully prepared next time you ride.

      • Comfort

        The most comfortable riding hoodie. Fits true to size and armor sits in all the right places!


      • Road Rash

        Aramid in impact areas along with removable CE Armor!


      • Fit

        True to size for sure, super comfortable, decent amount of wind protection, perfect amount of road protection, and all the right details!.


      • Confidence

        Very comfortable and functional, will help me ride with confidence so if anything happens I'll be protected.


      • Style



      • Function

        What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, a zippered hoodie pocket so it’s actually functional while riding!


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      Learn More

      What is an Armored Hoodie?

      Defining the Armored Hoodie

      Our hoodie is your classic, comfortable sweatshirt but with a twist: it’s engineered with added reinforcements such as aramid abrasion resistant lining and strategic padding. These innovative aspects are adeptly woven into the fabric, offering a sophisticated defense against impacts and harsh wear, all while flaunting a sleek, everyday look. The NBT armored hoodie is the epitome of undercover protection, designed for those who want safety without compromising on style or comfort.

      Differences from Traditional Hoodies

      The distinguishing factor between armored and traditional hoodies lies in their intent and construction. Standard hoodies are often made for comfort and style with materials like cotton and polyester blends, meant to provide warmth and a relaxed fit. In contrast, our armored hoodies incorporate robust fabrics such as aramid or other abrasion-resistant textiles, along with CE Level One padding or armor plates positioned at critical points of potential impact. This advanced approach to design positions the armored hoodie as a staple for those who crave an extra layer of security in their everyday wear.

      What are the key features?

      Materials Used in Construction

      Our armored hoodies are a testament to durability, primarily thanks to the aramid fibers lining each garment. Aramid is a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers used in aerospace and military applications for its robust properties. It brings unmatched resistance to abrasion and tearing, making it an ideal material for protective clothing. 

      Our aramid-lined hoodie is designed to offer superior protection against the rigors of everyday adventures. Not only is it resilient in the face of challenging conditions, but it also provides the wearer with climate-adaptive comfort. Whether braving a chilly breeze or a sunny day, the NBT Bodyguard aramid-lined armored hoodie maintains a balance of warmth and breathability, standing as a shield without the weighty feel.

      Protective Elements: Padding and Plating

      Key to an armored hoodie's design are the protective components—pads and plates—inserted into the lining at vulnerable areas like the back, shoulders, and elbows. While padding provides a cushion against falls, plating can disperse the force of an impact, minimizing the risk of injury. The placement of these elements is meticulously calculated so that protection is maximized without restricting movement or adding uncomfortable bulk.  They are also perfectly sewn as to remain stationary while in place but also be removable if you wish to take them out.  

      Design and Aesthetics

      While the focus is on protection, style isn't neglected. Our armored hoodies come in a range of colors to suit various tastes while maintaining their protective function. The aesthetics are tailored to blend safety features seamlessly into the overall look of the hoodie, ensuring that function and form go hand-in-hand while still maintaining that stealth protection.

      Is it just for riding?

      Practicality in Various Settings

      Casual Wear Considerations

      Armored hoodies are not just limited to action-packed environments; they also offer practical benefits for everyday casual wear. They bring peace of mind to those who want extra protection in their daily routines without standing out. The design of our hoodies includes ample pocket space, ergonomic fits, and adjustable features for added convenience and comfort.

      Use in Sports or Active Lifestyles

      For sports enthusiasts and people with active lifestyles, armored hoodies provide an added layer of safety in activities that involve the risk of falls or impacts. Skaters, bikers, and extreme sports aficionados find these hoodies ideal for their combination of mobility and defense against injury, enabling them to push the limits while staying protected.

      Protective Gear for Motorcycle Riders

      It’s no surprise that our hoodies are designed from the road up with the everyday motorcycle rider in mind. The road can be unforgiving, and wearing an armored hoodie offers a blend of protection against road rash and impact that traditional motorcycle jackets offer, while maintaining the comfort and ease of a sweatshirt. Our specialized hoodies serve as an alternative to bulky and restrictive riding gear, delivering on protection while catering to a rider's desire for a more casual appearance.

      Is it Comfortable?

      Breathability and Flexibility

      Our armored hoodies are designed with a wearer's comfort in mind, incorporating breathable materials that allow for air circulation to prevent overheating. The flexibility of the fabric also plays a significant role in comfort, ensuring that the additional safety features do not impede natural movement. Wearers can expect a balance between a true to size fit that provides protection and a full range of motion.

      Ease of Maintenance and Care

      Understanding that an armored hoodie might be subjected to rugged use, the design facilitates easy maintenance. The Bodyguard Armored Hoodie is machine washable, simplifying the cleaning process. Practical details like removable padding make it possible to keep both the protective elements and the fabric shell in top condition.

      Weight and Range of Movement

      Despite their additional padding and protective layers, our armored hoodies are crafted to remain as lightweight as possible. They are less cumbersome than traditional protective gear, enabling wearers to retain a full range of movement. This consideration is vital for ensuring that the hoodie can be worn comfortably for extended periods, no matter the activity.

      Technology in Fabrics and Armor

      Innovations in Material Technology

      The advancements in material science have been pivotal in the development of armored hoodies, especially with our aramid lining. With a focus on blending protection with comfort, manufacturers are constantly exploring new ways to improve the fibers and fabrics used. These innovations result in materials that offer unprecedented durability, abrasion resistance, and tear strength without adding significant weight.

      Evolution of Protective Wear

      Here at NBT, we embrace the evolution of protection with open arms, as our armored hoodies stand at the forefront of modern safety apparel. We harness the power of smart textiles, marrying them with the latest design innovations to elevate the standards of protective wear. Our armored hoodies are a product of this progress, enhancing not just the security they provide but also their overall comfort and style. The advanced technology woven into every hoodie ensures that they fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, offering diverse functionality. 

      From the daily commute to a weekend adventure, NBT armored hoodies are tailored for a broad spectrum of users who no longer have to choose between safety and style. They’re designed to be your trusty companion, ready for whatever life throws your way.

      Choosing the Right Armored Hoodie

      Fit and Sizing

      The effectiveness of an armored hoodie is partly determined by its fit. A proper fit ensures that the protective elements are situated correctly over the body. It should be snug enough to keep armor in place, but not too tight as to limit mobility. Taking accurate measurements and consulting size charts are vital steps in selecting the right armored hoodie. Check out our sizing guide to make sure your hoodie fits perfectly! You can also use our WaiR Sizing app which has thousands of data points across customers of many different sizes to ensure you find just the right fit.  Our Bodyguard Armored Hoodie fits true to size. 

      Care and Maintenance

      Cleaning Guidelines

      To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of armored hoodies, it's crucial to adhere to the cleaning guidelines we provide. This involves removing any armor inserts before washing, using a gentle cycle, and avoiding harsh chemicals that can degrade the protective fibers. Proper drying techniques are also important, as high heat can damage both the fabric and the armor.

      Handling Wear and Tear

      Timely repairs to minor damages can extend an armored hoodie's lifecycle. Simple maintenance like patching small tears or reattaching loose fittings can prevent further deterioration. However, significant damage, particularly to the protective elements, may require more substantial repairs or altogether replacing the piece to ensure optimal safety.

      The Future of Armored Hoodies

      Trends in Armored Wearables

      At NBT, we're proudly riding the wave where style meets safety head-on. The armored hoodie is not just a product for us—it's an expression of our vision for the future of fashion-forward, protective clothing. As you, our discerning customers, seek out apparel that adapts to the dynamic rhythm of life, we're committed to pioneering the next generation of armored hoodies that are as versatile as they are practical.

      Anticipated Advancements

      The path forward is illuminated with innovation. NBT is on the cusp of integrating cutting-edge materials and breakthrough technologies that redefine the capabilities of our armored hoodies. It's not just about advancements in safety; it's also about refining the fit, feel, and flair of our hoodies to ensure that every piece is a testament to NBT’s ethos—where top-tier functionality models the latest in design. Watch this space, because we're crafting the future where armored hoodies stand as icons of safety and style.

      What makes NBT's Armored Hoodie so Special?

      Our NBT Armored Hoodie marries everyday comfort with serious protection. It's crafted for anyone who loves the ease of a hoodie but also needs it to double as practical armor. Whether you’re on a motorcycle, engaging in outdoor sports, or desire added safety on your daily adventures, our hoodie is the gear you’ve been looking for.

      How does the protective level of the hoodie compare to a traditional jacket?

      Our hoodie provides outstanding protection akin to a specialized jacket, equipped with CE level one padding and abrasion-resistant aramid fiber. It's engineered to offer robust safety without skimping on the comfort and style you love from a traditional sweatshirt.

      Is the NBT Armored Hoodie machine washable?

      Absolutely. We designed our hoodie for real life, which includes ease of care. Simply remove the armor plates, and you can machine wash your hoodie, following our care instructions to keep it in peak condition.