NBT Clothing has everything you will need to add to your closet as you create your motorwear wardrobe- stylish yet protective pants with free CE approved knee and hip armor, armored hoodies, armored flannels, belts, beanies and socks.

How To Create A Motowear Wardrobe

Are you new to the world of motorcycling? If so, it is time for you to start looking into building your own personalized wardrobe of motorcycle essentials for your new interest. Luckily, you have come to the right place! NBT Clothing has everything you will need to add to your closet as you create your motorwear wardrobe.


It’s always exhilarating to discover a new interest or hobby that you are excited about. Whether it has personal or sentimental meaning to you or is just something fun you want to try out, embarking on a new journey in your life can bring so many positive things to your life. 


One of the most fun things about starting a new sport or activity is learning all of the ins and outs about the community and culture and immersing yourself into it. Many times, clothing and accessories are going to be a big part of that culture, and it can be very enjoyable to put together a new wardrobe filled with the things you will need for your newfound hobby.


In the motorcycle community, apparel is a big part of the thrill of the ride. Yes, there definitely seems to be a particular style of clothing that most motorcyclists lean toward, but fashion is not the only important thing to take into consideration when building your motorwear wardrobe. You also have to think about clothing functionality and safety. Is the material used protective? Is it resilient? Is it comfortable? Is it going to keep you safe from external environmental factors while you are out on the open road? 


These are all things to keep in mind while shopping for the best motorcycle apparel to create a motowear wardrobe. Once you have committed yourself to being a part of this community and found the right bike, the right friends to ride with or even the perfect solo ride route, it’s time to make sure that you are always ready for the road, and look fresh when you get to your destination  — and stay safe and prepared while doing so.


The motorcycle apparel category consists of jackets, shirts, vests, pants, boots, gloves, helmets, goggles or sunglasses, and any other item that can provide a rider with protection while riding. All of these things are necessary for safe riding, and can be very easy to find as long as you know where to look and what to look for.


The first thing you need to consider is the type of weather you are riding in most often. If you live in South Florida, you know that the temperatures are typically on the warmer side, but you also have to deal with humidity and rainfall, especially in the summer months. For this type of climate, you will want to have lighter, breathable pieces of clothing, as well as gear to protect you from the rain. If you live somewhere further north where the temperatures can get pretty cold, insulation is key. You will need pieces of apparel that work well for layering and will keep you warm — this includes cold-weather specific gloves, socks and hats; not just your typical everyday motowear accessories. 


If you like to travel to other cities around the country to ride or plan on attending one of the many motorcycle rallies all over the country, be prepared for the varying climates wherever you go. Even if you live in a warm area, it’s a good idea to have a few cold weather pieces that you can bring if you decide to go somewhere colder, and vice versa.


Now you need to figure out your sizing. When you are out riding your motorcycle, you definitely want to be as comfortable as possible. Fit is extremely important when it comes to motorcycle clothing and gear. You want your motorcycle jackets and pants to be snug so they provide protection, but not too snug that they become uncomfortable. The size you wear in regular jeans or t-shirts might not be the same for motogear, so there may be some trial and error before you discover your exact size.


It is always ideal to physically shop in-store so you can try on a variety of different styles and sizes and find the perfect match, but you might not find your favorite motowear brand in a brick and mortar store. Many motorcycle apparel brands and companies are eCommerce based, which means the apparel is only available to find online, whether through the brand’s own website or a third-party site like Amazon (which, by the way, did you know that NBT Clothing is now available on Amazon?). 


How are you supposed to figure out your size if you can’t try on the clothing in person? Thankfully, there is a new online tool for eCommerce clothing brands that can help you find the perfect fit, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. WAIR Technology uses artificial technology to give customers a personalized, accurate online shopping experience. You answer a few questions about your body type, and in just a few clicks, the technology reveals its sizing recommendations based on your body measurements and preferences. 


This tool will become your best friend while you work on creating your motowear wardrobe. While this modern and revolutionized technology is not available on all motorcycle brand websites, it is available on NBTClothing.com! Just in case the fit is not exactly what you expected, we do offer a 15-day risk-free trial, so you can always return or exchange your item for another size within that time frame for no additional charge.


Speaking of money, budget is another big piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating your motowear wardrobe. There is no reason you need to wipe your bank account clean for fashionable, functionable motorcycle apparel. Do not get sucked into big name brands with hefty price tags just because they may be endorsed by a celebrity or public figure. Many times, you will find that small business brands with lower prices have just as effective and high quality of a product — maybe even more effective and better quality than those other large corporations, but half the price! 


This is part of our mission at NBT Clothing — giving motorcycle riders access to safe and stylish clothing that fits their budget. All of the products currently offered at NBT Clothing are between $90 and $200. We also offer a 10% off discount for all new customers when you sign up for our email list, and free shipping for all orders over $100. 


Another great thing about the items available at NBT Clothing is that they all can easily transition from riding your bike to going about your everyday activities. Each piece of clothing is fashion-forward enough to wear on any given day, even if you’re not on your bike, so you are definitely getting more bang for your buck.


Now that we’ve explained three of the most important things to think about as you put together your motowear wardrobe — weather, sizing, and budget — it’s time to shop. Let’s start off with finding the most essential pieces.


You should think of buying clothing to wear while riding a motorcycle the same as you would think about buying clothing for a particular sport. Football, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer… Regardless of the sport, there is always a specific kind of uniform its players wear on the professional level. Of course, people still can play these sports on their own in plain everyday clothes, but that would not be very professional — or safe — now would it? And these amateur players certainly would not fit in with the big guns.


These articles of clothing provide a sense of community and culture for the members of the sport, and there are also pieces to that uniform that provide safety features. When you think about it like this, you will understand that even though a lot of riders choose to wear their regular every day shirts and jeans to ride their bike, this is not the correct uniform for motorcycling when you see it as a sport, a sport that has both risk and reward just like any other. If you want to be part of the real motorcycle community, you have got to look the part.


The right pair of motorcycle pants can make or break your riding experience. Did you know that 80% of motorcycle injuries happen to the lower extremities? This is a widely known statistic in the motorcycle community, yet less than half of riders choose to wear protective pants and instead opt for regular jeans or other styles that are not made from sturdy enough material to weather through environmental elements or a potential accident. 


The only reason we can think of for a rider to choose not to wear protective gear is because it is bulky, uncomfortable and just does not look good. Riders should not have to choose between safety and style, and guess what? You don’t have to! NBT Clothing was designed with fashion and function in mind. It’s Style & Safety Redefined™ and there is no better place to start shopping for your essential motowear wardrobe from NBTClothing.com.


Now back to the pants! The License to Ride Pants are a continued best seller. They come with removable CE-approved armor in the knee and hip areas, and have spandex in the knee and back areas for a stretchy and athletic fit. They are slim fit, but not skinny, so there is a balance between style and comfort. You don’t want to wear pants that are too tight when riding your motorcycle. Aside from being uncomfortable sitting down in skinny jeans during a long ride, it can also hinder the mobility in your legs. This also means that the pants are not so tight that you can’t wear something under them if you are riding in a very cold climate. 


Alternatively, the pants are made with 11-ounce denim, which is blended with polyester to keep you cool, so even when you are out riding in warmer weather, you won’t get too hot. Yes, even in hot weather, it is very important that you still wear durable riding pants. Although shorts might be the first thing you think of to wear in the summer months, it is not the smart choice. Shorts leave your knees, shins and ankles wide open and unprotected in the case of an emergency.


The License to Ride Pants embody everything it means to be protective, stylish and comfortable — and their best match? The Aramid-Edition Free Ridin’ Flannel. Lower body injuries may be the first most common motorcycle road rash injury in the US, but upper body injuries come at a very close second. This is why the Free Ridin’ Flannel is a must-have in your motowear wardrobe. It has reinforced aramid lining throughout the entire shirt to prevent road rash, and removable CE-approved armor in the shoulder, back and elbow areas, so you can wear this stylish flannel shirt just about anywhere.


This flannel is breathable, and perfect for layering. It has a zipper and buttons, and should fit well enough that you will still be comfortable with a t-shirt underneath and a coat overtop should you be riding in colder weather. You could also layer it with the comfortable, stylish and practical Defender Vest, which also looks good over any t-shirt or our Fundamental Shop short-sleeve shirt too.


The Fundamental Shop Shirt is fully Kevlar-lined to protect from road rash, cuts, punctures, bruises and other skin abrasion injuries that can occur during an accident on the road. That aramid lining also protects against extreme temperatures, meaning that it’s flame retardant and heat resistant for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also protective against chemicals such as acid and chlorine bleach. 


As you can tell, this is not your average t-shirt. It’s so much more than that. The Fundamental Shop Shirt is very lightweight and breathable, with full back and armpit mesh vents, making it a great choice for warmer weather. However, keep in mind that if you are wearing this shirt without a long-sleeve jacket overtop, your elbows are still exposed. Elbow pads are a good investment to make for the occasions when it’s warm enough outside to ride in just this shirt. We also recommend sizing up for the most comfortable fit. 


Over 20,000 riders experience road rash each year because they do not have the right kind of protective motowear wardrobe. Don’t let that happen to you! Remember this trio when shopping for your motowear wardrobe: protection, style and comfort. That’s what NBT Clothing calls the Holy Trinity of importance when it comes to motorcycle apparel. 


Shop NBT Clothing for all your motorcycle apparel needs, and check out our owner Nick’s top picks for other motorcycle gear such as helmets, goggles and boots to complete your motowear wardrobe.

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