How to choose Motorcycle Riding Clothes

How to choose Motorcycle Riding Clothes

As you gear up and get ready to head out for a ride, there are a few key things that should immediately come to mind as you get dressed in your bike gear: safety, protection, functionality and comfort. While riders may also pay close attention to fashion, these four crucial factors play a much larger role in the overall riding experience than simply looking the part. 

But, wait… What if clothing that provided safety, protection, functionality and comfort were also supremely fashionable and on trend? This is precisely why motorcycle enthusiast Nick Urso founded NBT Clothing, to give motorcycle riders a chance to keep their individual sense of style intact, while also feeling comfortable, safe and protected whenever and wherever they are out there on the open road. 

NBT Clothing’s collection of riding pants, jackets, shirts and vests are the best clothes to wear on a motorcycle because they seamlessly blend all of the most important aspects of riding into one. This makes it so you are looking fresh from the very first moment you hop on the back of your bike, all the way until you get off after your day’s ride. It’s clothing with both fashion and functionality in mind, Built for the Journey and the Destination™.

NBT Clothing believes that fashion should never have to be sacrificed for safety. We also strongly believe that your bank account should never be sacrificed either! Our products are reasonably priced compared to many other big name brands that sell riding pants and jackets for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. We never want someone to ride unprotected because they may not be able to afford the proper clothing and gear. 

The best way to test out a product and really know if it’s the right fit for you is to actually use it, so we offer a 15-day risk-free trial for all of our riding gear. That way, if you don’t feel like NBT Clothing is the best motorcycle protective clothing out there on the market or it just doesn’t work for you, we will refund you no questions asked. But, trust us when we say, we have a very good feeling that will not be the case.

Now, let us get into the nitty gritty about the best clothing to wear while riding a motorcycle. First of all, there are specific characteristics about motorcycle clothing that differ from your typical everyday wardrobe. The materials are thicker, more durable and able to provide protection from outside elements like harsh rain, gushing wind, strong sun and heat, rocky gravel and other environmental factors that can come into play when you are on the road without a closed vehicle’s protection. 

The fit of the clothing is also different. Motorcycle shirts and jackets should not fit too tight. There needs to be enough room for layering during colder months, or layering just for added protection. Pant legs may be a bit longer to ensure proper coverage of the legs and ankles, and sleeves may be longer to protect the arms and hands. There should also be adequate coverage around the neck area of shirts and jackets, combined with tighter closures for protection.

There are certain protective items that should always be worn when riding a motorcycle in order to ensure you are as safe as possible and to help minimize the risk of injury in the event of a crash. These items include a helmet, a face shield and/or motorcycle specific goggles if not using a full face helmet, boots, gloves, and then of course, the right outfit consisting of protective riding pants, shirts and jackets.

Riding pants are the most important part of your motorcycle wardrobe. The #1 most common motorcycle injury is road rash to the lower extremities, so taking extra safety measures on this part of the body is critical. 

Thin denim or leather, cargo or khaki material, athleisure or workout pants, and dress pants just won’t cut it, and you absolutely never want to wear shorts that leave your legs totally exposed. What you want is something that provides adequate protection in all the right places. The NBT Clothing License to Ride Pant comes with removable CE level 1 armor in the knee and hip areas, giving riders peace of mind while riding.

Unlike many other riding pant brands that sell styles that are awkward, uncomfortable, unflattering or too bulky, NBT Clothing’s padded riding pants are designed to be fashion-focused yet still provide the right amount of protection for those unexpected moments when a collision occurs. 

The License to Ride Pant is the optimal choice for comfort and safety, and yet they still look cool enough to keep riders feeling confident both on and off their bike. Since the knee and hip area armor can easily be removed at any time, you can make a seamless transition from riding your bike to your everyday activities. 

As you can probably guess, the second most common injury to motorcyclists is road rash to the upper body. Keeping your chest, back and arms protected is just as important as keeping the lower body protected. You need durable protective material like reinforced aramid that has been specifically manufactured for extreme conditions such as riding a motorcycle.

Aramid is a synthetic fiber that is strong enough to protect against heat, blunt force, harsh environmental elements, etc. NBT Clothing offers riding jackets and shirts that are designed with this important reinforced aramid lining in the shoulder and elbow areas. Aramid lined clothing is a much more effective and efficient choice than other materials for the shirts and jackets you will be wearing while you ride.

The NBT Clothing Free Ridin’ Flannel looks like a typical flannel shirt you could wear to any bar, sporting event or casual outing, but beyond its trendy pattern is extreme safety and protection. It has CE-approved armor in the shoulder, back and elbow areas that can easily be removed. There are adjustable velcro cuffs on both wrists to increase comfort level and to avoid ‘wind flap’ and ‘cuff overhang while riding, and the shirt’s mesh lining and full front zipper allow for adjustable airflow and breathability.

The Guardian Jacket and Invincible Jacket both have pockets where CE-approved armor may be purchased separately to insert, and of course we recommend this if you are not wearing the Free Ridin’ Flannel underneath. Both of these jackets have an ‘action back’ that provides extra room for movement and decreases the chance of the jacket riding up when the wind hits your back. There are plenty of buttoned pockets on the outside, as well as concealed pockets on the interior, allowing for space to hold valuables and keep them protected against the body. 

The denim Guardian Jacket is a bit heavier than the more lightweight Invincible Jacket, and is coated with an extra protective layer to fight against wind and rain. Both have their own unique functions, and both should be at the top of your list when looking for the best clothes to wear on a motorcycle. If you feel like adding another layer to your look, the Defender Vest provides additional pockets for storage and an overall additional layer of style.

Although NBT Clothing does not carry a line of helmets, boots or motorcycle eyewear, our founder does have a few tried and true brands that he recommends, and always uses for himself.

There are a lot of different styles of helmets. Some cover the entire face, while others are ‘open face’ and you can purchase a face shield or goggles to wear with them. Helmets are incredibly important to staying safe during a ride. 37% of riders who wear a helmet are more likely to survive a crash than those who choose not to wear one. Helmets can provide physical protection as much as they can also provide sun protection for the face and head.

The right helmets should fit snugly, but not feel too tight or uncomfortable, have good ventilation, and be Department of Transportation (DOT) approved. This is actually a government requirement, and is indicated by a sticker placed on the outside back of the helmet. DOT-approved helmets must meet certain design standards put forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Nick’s favorite brand for helmets is ScorpionExo, known for its variety of premium products and BlueTooth® ready technology. 

If you choose to ride with an open face helmet, purchasing additional eye protection is a must. The perfect pair of protective eyewear has UV protection and should be impact-resistant. While glasses or goggles with a darker tinted lens are fine to wear during the day, a clear lens is a better choice for riding at night, so your vision is not skewed. There are plenty of brands out there for motorcycle approved glasses or goggles, but Nick prefers to get his from Pit Viper’s line of moto goggles. 

The last part of the puzzle is your footwear. Choose heavyweight and sturdy, yet comfortable, boots that cover the ankle and won’t slide off your pedals or skid on the ground. The boots you wear while riding should be able to withstand harsh conditions, much like a construction worker would wear while working on site. It’s for this reason that Nick chooses Brunt Workwear for his riding boots, and recommends this brand to all of his fellow riders.

It is also a good idea to keep gear handy for potential inclement weather. Look for rain gear that can be folded up into a small, compact size, so it does not take up too much room. It should also be easy to put on and take off. As a rule of thumb, purchase rain gear that is a little larger so it can fit over your protective clothing and CE-approved armor. Another good idea is to always keep cloth rags somewhere on your bike so you can easily and quickly wipe away rain or debris from your windshield and your eyewear.

While we don’t deal with too much cold weather here in South Florida, we know that many of our NBT Clothing customers live in areas where the seasons do change and the temperatures do drop. When it comes to colder climates, layers are your best bet. Thermal underwear can be worn underneath your protective riding pants, shirts and jackets, and a warmer coat can be worn over top of your riding jacket. 

Additionally, make sure to have warm socks, and look for boots and gloves that have proper insulation to protect your feet and hands from the cold. Gloves are still good to have even if you don’t live in colder climates. They can protect against environmental factors like bugs and debris in the air, and keep your hands and wrists safe if you get into an accident. 

There are also covers that can go over your boots and gloves to protect from rain and snow as well. When shopping for any kind of gear that is meant to get you through bad weather, bright and vibrant colors are best. You want to make sure that you can be seen clearly through weather conditions that are low-visibility. 

You can never be too careful when protecting yourself on the road. We suggest taking extra precaution to keep yourself safe wherever and whenever possible. The right defense mechanisms can be a game changer in your long term motorcycle experience. Aside from wearing the right protective gear on your body, there is also protective gear that should be on your bike. This includes things like high quality reflectors (or have reflective strips on your clothing and/or helmet), headlights, a horn, and proper communicative devices in case of an emergency.

Over half of motorcyclists ride without the proper protection. Don’t become a part of this statistic! NBT Clothing’s mission is to change this fact by giving riders the ability to experience a line of clothing that lives and breathes the lifestyle of Style & Safety Redefined™. 

For the best motorcycle protective clothing to wear while riding, NBT Clothing has your back. Shop for the best in riding pants, shirts, jackets and vests at


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