Ride in Style: The Evolution of Motorcycle Gear and NBT Clothing's Hidden Protection

Ride in Style: The Evolution of Motorcycle Gear and NBT Clothing's Hidden Protection

When it comes to motorcycle riding gear, striking a balance between style and safety has always been a challenge. However, NBT Clothing has revolutionized the industry with our innovative approach to motorcycle apparel. Blending seamlessly into everyday fashion, NBT offers a range of riding gear that provides built-in protection without compromising on style. Let's explore how NBT has combined fashion and safety to create a new standard in motorcycle riding gear.

The Challenge of Fashion vs. Safety in Motorcycle Riding Gear

Traditionally, motorcycle riding gear has been characterized by its bulky and overtly functional appearance, often sacrificing style for protection. Riders faced the dilemma of choosing between safety gear that lacked fashion appeal or compromising on safety by opting for more fashionable attire. NBT recognized this challenge and set out to bridge the gap by creating motorcycle riding gear that seamlessly integrates into everyday fashion while providing the necessary protection.


The Concept Behind Our Gear

NBT's vision is rooted in the idea of freedom and self-expression for riders. We believe that motorcycle gear should not only prioritize safety but also allow individuals to showcase their personal style. By developing gear that looks and feels like regular clothing, NBT aims to break the stereotype of traditional riding gear, empowering riders to embrace their passion for motorcycles without compromising their comfort or style.

Innovative Materials and Design 

NBT's success lies in our innovative use of materials and design techniques. We employ high-quality abrasion-resistant fabrics, such as TensileTough aramid (if you aren't familiar with aramid you may have heard of aramid based fibers such as Kevlar and Cordura), which offer excellent durability and protection against road abrasion. These fabrics are seamlessly integrated into the gear, ensuring riders stay safe without sacrificing style. Additionally, NBT incorporates hidden armor inserts made from impact-absorbing materials like CE-rated armor, providing essential protection in critical areas such as the shoulders, the upper back, elbows, knees, backside and hips.

The meticulous design process at NBT ensures that our gear not only meets safety standards but also looks and feels like regular clothing. Each garment undergoes rigorous testing and fine-tuning to ensure optimal fit, comfort, and style. From the stitching patterns to the placement of armor inserts, every detail is carefully considered to strike the perfect balance between style, comfort and safety.

Versatility and Adaptability

NBT understands that riding conditions and personal preferences vary greatly among riders. To cater to these diverse needs, we offer features that enhance versatility and adaptability. Removable armor inserts allow riders to customize their level of protection based on their riding style and preferences. Adjustable closures ensure a snug fit, while ventilation systems such as our mesh lining promotes airflow and regulate temperature, making the gear suitable for various weather conditions.

NBT Clothing's Product Range

NBT Clothing offers a diverse range of motorcycle riding gear that seamlessly integrates into everyday wear. Our collection includes jackets, pants, shirts, and other accessories designed to meet the needs of riders seeking both style and protection. For example, the Free Ridin' Flannel and Bodyguard Pullover Hoodie features sleek designs with discreet armor inserts, while the aramid lined License to Ride Pants incorporate reinforced stitching and hidden protection in the hips and knees. Each product combines fashion-forward aesthetics with advanced safety features, allowing riders to express their personal style while staying protected on the road.

What Our Riders Are Saying About Our Gear

Customer feedback plays a vital role in assessing the effectiveness of NBT Clothing's gear. Numerous riders have expressed their satisfaction with NBT's innovative approach. They appreciate the discreet protection and the freedom to choose their preferred style without compromising safety. Rider's feedback often highlights how NBT Clothing has enhanced the overall riding experience, instilling confidence and peace of mind.

One rider, Mark, shared his experience: "As a rider who values both safety and style, NBT Clothing has been a game-changer for me. I can finally ride confidently, knowing that I'm protected without sacrificing my personal style. The gear goes with everything and I often find myself wearing it even when I'm not riding."

Another customer, Valorie purchased NBT gear for her son: "I purchased this for my 14 yr old son to wear while riding his dirt bike around town and on the trails. It looks cool and is not overly bulky like the other protective gear he was wearing. This is much more comfortable for him to wear and ride in and it gives me more peace of mind knowing that he is more protected."

NBT Clothing's Commitment to Safety Standards 

While NBT focuses on style and comfort, we never compromise on safety. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding industry safety standards. Through rigorous testing and certifications, we ensure that our gear provides the necessary protection for riders. We are continuously innovating to offer the best protection for our riders.

The Future of Motorcycle Riding Gear

Our innovative approach to motorcycle riding gear has sparked a shift in the industry. As we continue to develop new gear and challenge the traditional perception of riding gear, we hope to see a future where riders can seamlessly blend safety and style. The motorcycle gear industry is likely to witness further advancements, as we continue to invest in creating clothing with cutting-edge materials, design techniques, and hidden protection features. NBT's trailblazing efforts have set a new standard, transforming motorcycle riding gear into a seamless fusion of style, comfort and safety.

A Safer and More Stylish Horizon

By disguising protective features within everyday clothing, NBT offers riders the freedom to express their personal style without compromising on safety. As the motorcycle industry continues to evolve, the demand for stylish gear will persist. We hope to drive the future of motorcycle riding gear towards a safer and more stylish horizon. Stay tunedWe have some exciting new products we are launching soon!

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