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Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans

Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans

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Slide Protection
CE-Approved Armor
Premium 11 oz Denim
Straight Fit
Dual Stretch Comfort


Meet our game-changing Stalwart Jeans. Imagine the comfiest jeans ever, crafted for your everyday adventures. No need to compromise on comfort, style, or safety anymore – we've got it all covered!

Why You'll Love Them:

  • Super Comfy Denim: It's like wearing sweatpants!
  • Built to Last: Tough enough for your daily hustle.
  • Smart Protection: Aramid lining where you need it most – seat and back.
  • Perfect for Any Occasion: Rock them anywhere, anytime.
  • Discreet Safety: Hidden, removable CE Level 1 knee & hip armor for undercover protection.
  • 4-Way Stretch: Bend, sit, and move freely on and off the bike.
  • Tested and Proven: We've spent over a year perfecting these bad boys with dozens of prototypes.

Goodbye Dad Jeans. Say hello to a whole new denim game! The Stalwart Jeans are here to redefine your riding experience, keep you comfy, and make sure you're always ready for action. Trust us, you've never worn jeans like these before.


Performance + Durability

  • TensileTough™ aramid lining in glute & knee area
  • High-quality material blend to optimize comfort, durability, and flexibility
  • Free CE-approved knee & hip armor
  • Reinforced stitching throughout
  • YKK® Zipper

Comfort + Construction

Designed with a high-quality material blend to optimize comfort, durability, and flexibility with NBT’s anti-abrasion TensileTough™ technology.


  • 100% Aramid 14 Lining in Knees and Glute 
  • Reinforced Stitching 
  • 2-3% Spandex - Just the right amount of stretch

Interior Lining: 

  • 56% Polyester | 25% Steel Yarn | 11% Polyamide | 8% Aramid 14  

Exterior Lining: 

  • 80% Cotton, 17% Polyester, 3% Elastane

Why Aramid?

Aramid is synthetic fiber that’s 5X STRONGER THAN STEEL while still being SOFT and LIGHTWEIGHT.

We use it to keep you comfortable and protected from road rash.

Often used in bulletproof vests, aerospace materials, and racing suits, aramid is synonymous with TOP-OF-THE-LINE protection.

Ever heard of Kevlar? Kevlar is aramid fiber. At NBT we call it TensileTough™.


Machine washable.

Remove padding before washing.

Machine wash cold.

Do Not bleach.

Do not iron.

Lay flat to dry.

Free Shipping & Returns


We know the true test of any riding gear is how it feels. That’s why we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. You have 30 days to be sure you love em', we'll even pay for return shipping. If you decide they’re not up to the job just send them back and we’ll give you a full refund.


All orders of $150 or more will receive free ground shipping (US Only).

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From The Road

Highlighting the Best Content Sent to us by Members of the NBT Community


Our Aramid lined motorcycle clothing offers the perfect combination or durability and comfort, providing riders with superior protection against abrasion and impact while making them comfortable on and off the bike.

  • Comfortable: Constructed with materials that are lightweight and flexible, making them comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Abrasion Resistant: Aramid is designed to resist tearing and wearing down, protecting you against road rash in the event of an accident.
  • Breathable: Aramid promotes airflow and prevents overheating, enhancing rider comfort while still protecting against abrasion.
  • Long Lasting: Reinforced stitching and premium 11oz denim built to withstand wear and tear offering you reliable protection for years to come.
  • Perfect Fit: Our virtual fit technology uses millions of data sets to ensure you find the size right for you.

Customer Reviews

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Runs Large
Comfort Level:
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Size : 32 / 32
Love these!

They look great and feel awesome, and the quality is right up there too. All the stiches look solid, and the fit is true. I like knowing that I'm protected incase the unmentionable happens. Highly recommend NBT products

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review of our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans! We're thrilled to hear that you love them and find them to be of great quality. We take pride in ensuring that our products are well-made and reliable. We're glad to know that you appreciate the added protection these jeans offer. Thank you for recommending NBT products - we truly appreciate it!

Street killer zx
Recommend score:
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Runs Small
Runs Large
Comfort Level:
Height: 6'4"
Size : 32 × 34
Nbt pants

Pants are really good quality and are comfortable to ride in. Keep in mind that the pants do run a little big and do to the quality materials used are pretty heavy. Over all I love the the pants and hoodie very much although you do pay for it. Do recommend.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We're thrilled to hear that you love our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans and find them comfortable for riding. We appreciate your feedback about the fit and weight of the pants, and we will pass it along to our team for future improvements. We're glad to have you as a satisfied customer and we hope you continue to enjoy our products.


Absolutely outstanding
Super comfy

Paul Manly
Fit: Large
Quality of Product:
Height: 5"8
Size : 34"x30"
Good business-casual workwear.

I have been looking to refresh my work wardrobe for a while, and the '24 Father's day sale was a good opportunity. I was looking for pants suitable for either riding or driving into work. Lightweight enough to not feel excessive when driving, comfortable for either being at a desk all day or pounding the pavement on onsite visits, while still being safe enough for riding as much as I do. I drive (or ride, as weather permits) several hundred miles per week for work. This review is written on the Thursday after, and I rode into work twice, drove into work twice.

These pants pretty much fit the bill. I have not owned them long enough to judge durability, which is a large factor for me. However, without armor, they are quite comfortable - even with just the hip armor, it is quite good. Kneepads being externally removable is nice, although the zipper is low quality. Not uncommon in the moto industry, so I won't knock too many points off. I own a sewing kit, and am able to fit my own zippers if the need arises. I do also appreciate that the weave is as tight as it is - they claim to be jeans, but could be mistaken for slacks at a distance.

The fitment is ...American-width, to put it bluntly, but within tolerable limits. With the material of both the jeans and the belt I received as part of the promotion being as stretchy as they are, I would recommend sizing down one. I am a 33"x30" from most brands, but I would be probably better off with the 32"x30". (Not that I expect half-sizes, effectively - that is far too many SKUs for ecommerce.)

TL;DR : Comfort is good, fitment is large, style can pass for casual to business casual. Looks decent with a button-down or a tee. Build quality acceptable - zippers seem weak. Durability overall TBD.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed review of our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans. We're glad to hear that they fit your needs for both work and riding. We appreciate your feedback on the fit and materials, and we will definitely take that into consideration for future improvements. We hope you continue to enjoy your new jeans, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or feedback. Thanks again for choosing our product!


Absolute game changer in protection and comfort.
If you ride get a pair. However they run about a size large so thats great for big guys.


You've got 30 days to be sure you love em', we'll even pay for return shipping. Though we promise you, you'll be hooked from your first ride.


Comfortable motowear coming your way soon. All orders ship from our warehouse in Northern California. And no one likes to pay for shipping! Based Internationally? We'll still ship to you!


In the unfortunate event you wreck in our gear, we'll replace anything you were wearing that was damaged at no charge. We want to make sure you're fully prepared next time you ride.

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What Are Motorcycle Jeans For Men?

Defining Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans

NBT Clothing's Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans redefine motorcycle apparel by blending timeless style with modern innovation. We cater to riders who seek rugged versatility without compromising comfort, featuring advanced materials for protection and a functional and fashionable design.

Differences From Traditional Motorcycle Jeans For Men

Traditional motorcycle jeans prioritize protection but often at the expense of style and comfort. The Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans stand apart by offering superior protection with Aramid lining and CE Level 1 armor without sacrificing the look and feel of premium denim. This approach ensures riders are protected without compromising style or comfort.

What Are The Key Features?

Materials Used In Construction

The Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans are constructed using premium materials designed for durability and comfort. At the core of these jeans is a foundation of high-quality denim consisting of 80% cotton for breathability and softness, 17% polyester for added durability and moisture-wicking properties, and 3% elastane to introduce stretch, ensuring a comfortable fit that moves with the rider. This material combination is chosen specifically to balance everyday comfort with the rugged demands of motorcycle riding.

Incorporating TensileTough™ Aramid lining in critical areas such as the knees and glutes enhances the jeans' protective capabilities. Aramid fibers are renowned for their strength and resistance to abrasion, making them an ideal choice for motorcycle apparel. This synthetic fiber, which is lightweight yet stronger than steel, provides a significant barrier against road rash and injuries without adding bulk or weight to the jeans, maintaining a sleek and comfortable profile suitable for extended wear.

Protective Elements: Padding And Plating

In addition to the advanced material construction, the Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans are equipped with several protective elements to ensure rider safety. Key among these features is the inclusion of removable CE Level 1 armor at the knees and hips, offering impact protection in critical areas. This armor is designed to absorb and distribute the force of impacts, reducing the risk of injury during falls or collisions.

The strategic placement of padding and plating, combined with the Aramid lining, creates a comprehensive protective system that guards against abrasion and impact. The jeans' design allows the armor to be easily inserted or removed, offering flexibility in how the jeans can be worn depending on the rider's needs and the level of protection desired.

Design And Aesthetics

The design of our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans merges classic aesthetics with modern functionality, creating a garment that looks as good as it performs. The classic straight fit is timeless and flattering, suitable for various body types, while subtle design touches like stretch elastic accordion panels above the knees and lower back enhance mobility and comfort, particularly when in a riding position.

Attention to detail is evident in features such as the cargo pockets with snap buttons, providing practical storage options without compromising the jeans' sleek profile. The use of a YKK® zipper, known for its durability and reliability, underscores the commitment to quality in every aspect of the jeans' design.

Overall, the Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans embody a philosophy that no rider should choose between style and safety. With their innovative use of materials, protective elements, and attention to design and aesthetics, these jeans represent a significant step forward in motorcycle apparel, blending seamlessly into the lifestyle of the modern rider.

Are These Jeans Just For Riding?

Practicality In Various Settings

Casual Wear Considerations

Our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans are designed for riding and casual wear considerations. They bridge the gap between functional motorcycle gear and everyday fashion, ensuring riders don't have to change outfits before or after a ride. 

The classic straight-leg design and the subtle aesthetic touches make these jeans versatile enough to pair with a wide range of tops and shoes, fitting seamlessly into a casual wardrobe. This dual-purpose approach means that the jeans are practical for day-to-day activities, offering the comfort and style expected from premium denim while secretly harboring the protective features that riders require.

Use In Sports Or Active Lifestyles

Our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans are an excellent choice for individuals with sports or active lifestyles beyond motorcycle riding. The durability and flexibility of the materials used, including the spandex for stretch, make these jeans suitable for various physical activities where freedom of movement is essential. 

Whether for hiking, casual cycling, or any outdoor adventure, the jeans' construction allows for a full range of motion, and the protective elements provide an added safety layer that's beneficial in any active setting. The combination of style, comfort, and protection makes them a go-to garment for those who lead an active lifestyle and prefer attire that can keep up with their demands.

Protective Gear For Motorcycle Riders

The Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans offer a significant upgrade in protective gear for motorcycle riders. Integrating TensileTough™ Aramid lining and CE Level 1 armor in the knees and hips provides unparalleled safety in standard casual denim. These features are specifically designed to protect against the high risks of abrasion and impact that riders face in the event of an accident. 

By blending these protective elements with the aesthetics of everyday jeans, NBT Clothing ensures that riders are safeguarded without having to don traditional, often bulky, motorcycle gear. This approach to motorcycle apparel underscores a commitment to safety, innovation, and the rider's lifestyle, making the Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans an essential piece of protective gear for anyone who takes to the road on two wheels.

Just How Comfortable Are Our Jeans?

Breathability And Flexibility

One of the hallmarks of our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans is their breathability and flexibility, essential for both comfort and performance during motorcycle rides and daily activities. The inclusion of spandex within the fabric blend ensures that the jeans offer stretch, allowing them to move with the body without restriction. 

This flexibility is crucial for riders who need their gear to adapt to various sitting and riding positions. Moreover, the carefully selected materials also promote air circulation, helping to regulate temperature and prevent overheating. This combination of breathability and flexibility means that the jeans are protective and comfortable to wear over long periods, whether on a bike or foot.

Ease Of Maintenance And Care

Despite their advanced protective features, the Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans are designed with easy maintenance and care in mind. The jeans are machine washable, a practical feature that ensures they can be easily cleaned after a day on the road or any outdoor activity. 

Riders are advised to remove the padding before washing to preserve the integrity of the protective elements. 

Washing the jeans in cold water without bleach and laying them flat to dry helps maintain the shape, color, and functionality of the Aramid fibers. This hassle-free care routine ensures the jeans remain in top condition, ready for the next ride or casual outing.

Weight And Range Of Movement

Despite the robust protection provided by the Aramid lining and CE Level 1 armor, the Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans are designed to be lightweight, ensuring that they do not weigh the rider down or restrict movement. The strategic use of materials and the inclusion of stretch panels contribute to a garment that offers an excellent range of movement. 

This is particularly important for motorcycle riders who must shift positions frequently and require gear accommodating dynamic movements without hindrance. The jeans' lightweight nature, protective features, and flexibility make them an ideal choice for those seeking comfort and safety without compromise.

Technology In Fabrics

Innovations In Material Technology

Developing and using advanced materials such as TensileTough™ Aramid in our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans represents a significant technological innovation within motorcycle apparel. Aramid fibers, renowned for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, provide unmatched durability and resistance to abrasion, making them an ideal choice for protective clothing. 

This technology ensures that the jeans can offer substantial protection against injuries from falls or slides, typical risks for motorcycle riders, without adding unnecessary bulk or discomfort. Integrating high-performance materials into everyday wear marks a leap forward in combining safety with style, enabling riders to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Evolution Of Protective Wear

The evolution of protective wear, particularly in motorcycle apparel, has been marked by the continuous integration of cutting-edge materials and design innovations to enhance rider safety without compromising comfort or aesthetics. The use of Aramid fibers and the inclusion of CE Level 1 armor in garments like our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans illustrate this progress. 

Traditionally, protective motorcycle gear was often bulky, uncomfortable, and distinctly utilitarian in appearance. However, the advent of materials like Aramid has allowed designers to create clothing that rivals everyday fashion in style and comfort while providing the essential protection riders need. This evolution reflects a growing recognition of the diverse needs of modern riders, who demand gear that is as suitable for city streets as it is for the open road.

Choosing The Right Motorcycle Jeans For Men

Fit And Sizing

Fit and sizing for our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans are optimized through virtual fit technology, utilizing millions of data sets to ensure a perfect match for a wide range of body types. Including spandex in the fabric adds stretch, enhancing comfort and flexibility, essential for riding and daily wear. This approach ensures that the protective elements are properly positioned while maintaining a comfortable, classic straight-leg fit, making these jeans a reliable choice for riders prioritizing safety without sacrificing style.

Care And Maintenance

Cleaning Guidelines

Maintain your Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans by washing them in cold water and removing any padding beforehand to avoid damage. Avoid bleach to protect the Aramid fibers and lay the jeans flat to dry to keep their shape and protective qualities. These steps ensure the jeans stay in top condition, preserving safety features and style.

Handling Wear And Tear

Regularly check your Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans for wear, especially in high-friction areas, to determine if care or repair is needed. Use repair kits for denim or Aramid for minor damage, and utilize NBT Clothing's wreck replacement policy for major incidents, ensuring the jeans' longevity and ongoing rider safety.

Trends In Men's Motorcycle Jeans

Trends In Motorcycle Jeans For Men

The trends in motorcycle jeans for men have been evolving towards greater integration of style and safety. Riders no longer have to choose between looking good and being protected. 

The market is seeing an increase in jeans that seamlessly incorporate advanced protective fibers like Aramid and Kevlar into fashionable designs. There's also a growing preference for jeans with adjustable or removable protective padding, providing flexibility for wear in various settings.

Anticipated Advancements

Future advancements in motorcycle jeans are expected to focus on even better integration of protection within everyday wear. Innovations may include lighter, more breathable materials that still offer high levels of abrasion resistance, and smart technology integration, such as connectivity for health monitoring in case of an accident. Further material durability and stretch improvements are also anticipated for enhanced comfort and fit.

What Makes Our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans So Special?

Our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans stand out due to their unique blend of top-tier protection, comfort, and style. These jeans use TensileTough™ Aramid lining in critical areas and include CE Level 1 armor for impact protection without compromising the classic denim look. Our use of virtual fit technology to ensure a perfect size match adds to their uniqueness, offering riders safety and a flattering fit.

How Does The Protective Level Of The Jeans Compare To Traditional Jeans?

The protective level of our Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans far exceeds that of traditional jeans. While standard denim offers minimal protection against road rash or impacts, NBT's jeans, with their Aramid lining and included armor, provide significant resistance to abrasion and help mitigate the force of impacts, making them much safer for motorcycle riding.

Are The NBT Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans Machine Washable?

Yes, the Stalwart Straight Leg Jeans are designed for ease of care and are machine washable. To maintain their protective qualities and appearance, washing them in cold water and avoiding bleach is recommended. Removable padding should be removed before washing, and the jeans should be laid flat to dry, following the care instructions to ensure they remain in excellent condition.