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Shop Protective Motorcycle Tops

Road rash is the most common motorcycle injury in the US. That’s why at NBT, we make it easy to look good, feel good, and ride safely with CE armor and aramid-reinforced motorcycle tops, shirts, and jackets, designed to stop road rash and protect you in a worst-case scenario event. 
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Shop Protective Motorcycle Tops

Motorcycle Jackets, Vests & Flannels

Whether you fancy yourself the laid back style of the Free Ridin’ Flannel or love the look of one of our classic biker jackets and vests, rest assured your riding top is reinforced with high-performance aramid lining, removable CE-approved armor, and the best performance fabrics for breathability, functionality, and long-lasting comfort, even in the changing elements. Should an impact occur, your NBT motorcycle top has your back. 
Browse our entire collection of motorcycle riding jackets, vests, and tops in sizes small-XXL or XXL to find the perfect fit for your style. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our aramid-reinforced motorcycle pants for total body protection that won’t cramp your style.

Protect Against Road Rash with Aramid-Reinforced Lining

Looking good shouldn’t have to come at a price. So why has men’s motorcycle clothing made us choose between safety or style? We say no more. With motorcycle tops from NBT, you’ll get the best of both worlds with sensible, stylish, comfortable riding gear built to protect on the bike and look great when you reach your destination; because in the modern world of riding, can you afford anything less?