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Shop Protective Motorcycle PANTS

80% of all motorcycle injuries involve your legs. That’s why at NBT, we take pride in creating practical, sylish aramid-reinforced motorcycle pants designed with removable CE-approved armor and safety in every stitch. 
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Shop Protective Motorcycle PANTS

Motorcycle Pants inspired by a crash

While Nick was extremely lucky to leave the scene without extreme bodily injury, he knew he was the exception and not the rule. He also knew he wasn’t the only rider who needed to find abrasion-resistant motorcycle apparel he could feel confident in on and off the bike. In a world where so many choose style over safety, NBT dares to ask: “Why not have both?”.

How many hours have you spent scouring the internet looking for the perfect motorcycle pants, only to find a slew of options with awkward designs, bulky padding, an uncomfortable fit, or an unflattering look? With the sheer lack of practical options available, it almost makes sense why more than half of all motorcyclists hit the open road in unprotective layers. This is exactly how NBT founder, Nick Urso, felt until the day he got in his first accident.

Whether you’re the newest member of the motorcycle club or you’ve been a biker all of your life, gearing up with protective clothing that can save your skin from severe abrasion or injury during impact should always be a top priority. Our aramid reinforced motorcycle riding pants with armor offer the protection you need in a flattering fit unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a moto pant.

CE Approved Armor

Motorcyclists have a notorious aesthetic that’s not to be messed with. So when unflattering motorcycle pants and armored clothing hit the scene, it left riders with two options: grin and bear it, or go unprotected to maintain the aesthetic. Neither of those work for you? We have a third option we know you’ll appreciate.

Aramid Reinforced Lining

NBT License To Ride (LTR) padded motorcycle pants are cut from a different cloth and built to impress even the most hardcore bikers. These aramid road-rash-resistant motorcycle armor pants are designed with everything you’d expect from NBT: designer-quality 11-ounce denim fabricated with knee and back spandex to give you the perfect amount of stretch in all the right places. Accordion panels add extra comfort above the knee and waist while improving shape, flex, and retention, and complementary CE-approved knee and hip armor can be added for ultimate road rash and impact protection and removed when you reach your destination. 

Throw them in the wash without fear of fading or wear. Hang to dry. Smooth them out with a warm iron if you need to. But most importantly, never hit the open road without them–not that you’ll want to. 

LTR motorcycle armor pants are available in standard sizes 28-42. We recommend sizing DOWN one size from your normal pant size for the best fit or use the WAIR sizing app.

Hit the Open Road Ready For It All with NBT Motorcycle Pants

NBT motorcycle pants are expertly designed with your safety and comfort in mind, so you can hit the road prepared for anything that might come your way. Shop NBT motorcycle pants, apparel, and accessories today to experience the difference smart-design motorcycle apparel can make in how you experience the world on two wheels.